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What makes Pilates so popular amongst the Professionals!
Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists recommend Mat Pilates as being a great way to tone & strengthen your core & body. Many premier football clubs now provide Pilates classes for their players, also athletes, dancers and famous people such as Jennifer Lopez and Rachel Weisz have practised Pilates to get into shape and improve their career and life performance.

This tells us something, if premier footballers, sports people and famous people work with Pilates and they look great and perform really well, Pilates must work and be at the fundamental core of great performance! By the way Pilates works for all age groups as I modify your program to fit in with your capabilities.

With health conditions on the increase, it’s time to look after you. Treat your body to Personal Pilates sessions with Barbara, its time to put your body on the pedestal it deserves, a flowing healthy body aids a flowing healthy mind and moods in turn improving your life performance and life experiences.

Benefits are:
·         Stronger core & improved posture = less incidence of back & other injuries

·         Stronger core = improved all round exercise performance

·         Working on deep core muscles = toned body inside and outside

·         Stronger pelvic floor muscles = preventing incontinence

·         Improved flexibility & mobility = more efficient body

·         Relaxing exercise = reduces stress, makes you feel good

·         Increases bone density = could help prevent Osteoporosis

·         Teaches you correct breathing = more oxygen to cells

·         More oxygen to cells = feeling more youthful, more energy, improved health.

Barbara is also qualified and experienced in the fields of:
Nutritional Therapy

Life and Performance Coaching

Personal Fitness Training

Optional: she can help you in these other fields and also even combine packages e.g. Pilates with: other fitness training such as fitball core or strength training or Nutritional therapy or even Life Coaching. For more information contact her directly by email or by phone:

Email: barbara@shapingupforlife.co.uk

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