Corporate Services Overview

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Corporate Wellbeing

Nutritional Workshops followed by mini one-to-one consultations
(Advanced Diploma in Natural Nutrition, Nutrition Award)
Barbara offers Corporate Workshops on ‘How Foods affect Health and Performance in Life and in the Workplace’ and can follow on with mini one-to-one consultations to help management and staff get on track with a healthier manageable diet. Optional thorough Nutritional Therapy consultations are available for people who wish to further improve their health conditions/wellbeing.

Pilates classes in Corporate (Level 3 Pilates instructor & REPS certified)
Barbara believes that by offering Pilates classes in Corporate business you are not only offering staff something to look forward to but you are further enhancing their wellbeing through a more relaxed form of exercise that helps to shape and tone the body but also improves: posture, strength, flexibility and mobility of the body. At the foundation of Pilates is strengthening the deeper core muscles which helps to prevent back injuries and provides a central reserve of strength from which daily activities and exercises are performed with greater support in turn helping to prevent other forms of injuries. Good breathing techniques are also taught as breathing helps to oxygenate the body providing more energy and further improving wellbeing.

Life Coaching (2 Diplomas: 1 in Life Coaching and 1 in Performance Coaching)
One-to-one sessions which are aimed at helping clients to rebalance their lives, their feelings/emotions, helping them to manifest a ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, building confidence, self esteem, learning about the ‘Law of Attraction’ which is a very useful tool at helping clients to learn the importance of positive thinking as often as possible in turn attracting more positive life and work outcomes.

Positive thinking and Law of Attraction workshops
I can facilitate ‘The importance of positive thinking’ with the principles being based on ‘the Law of Attraction’. There is a science behind L.O.A., its called quantum physics, Albert Einstein understood the importance of positive thinking and beliefs, here is my favourite quote by him ‘imagination is more important than knowledge, it’s a preview of life’s coming attractions’. Barbara can follow that up with Life Coaching consultations (see above).

Some of the clients I have facilitated workshops at are Beiersdorf & Unipart.

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