Could type II diabetes be avoided through eating a healthy diet?

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stuffed peppers with salad and humusThe answer is yes and you can even improve your condition through the right nutritional management. Unfortunately, the typical western diet is not conducive towards helping to prevent the onset of type II diabetes. We need to learn more about how foods and fluids affect health and performance, I teach my clients exactly that. To give you an example, if someone consumes diuretics e.g. sugar on a daily basis this is not only stressing out the adrenals because sugar is a diuretic and the kidneys are the organs which retains or releases fluids. The adrenals sit on top of the kidneys and sense when the kidneys are feeling challenged from all diuretics (alcohol, caffeine and sugar) and dehydration (not enough hydrating fluids drank during the day). When dehydration is present it becomes a vicious circle because dehydration leads to the symptoms of stress and stress leads to the symptoms of dehydration! When the body is feeling dehydration alert all sorts of things happen from moving into fight or flight when energy is expended to the heart and muscles and taken away from digestion (only absorb around 30% of nutrients from the intestines), we pee out magnesium and potassium, magnesium is a very important mineral which is already lacking in the typical western diet and is needed to relax the body, helps with energy and also is involved with making hormones.

When in dehydration alert our cells over produce cholesterol which is the sticky cement of our cell membranes (the outer shell of our cells) and if you imagine the size of your liver, which is large and made up of billions of cells, with this over production of cholesterol and other dietary factors such as sugar (also a diuretic) turns to fat, too much salt in the diet could lead to calcifications and in turn a sluggish and potentially fatty liver, this hinders the full potential of the liver to detoxify. This sluggishness could lead to toxins being backloaded in the body, being dumped elsewhere leading to other health problems.

It is vitally important that we consume a healthy diet throughout our lives if we are not only to protect ourselves from type II diabetes but also many other health complaints as well.

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